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Case descriptions from some clients sheltered at WWC Safe House

Case I:

I am 44 years old married for 23 years. I decided to devote my life to my husband happiness. I worked hard on building our house. Passing the year, and for my love that I had for him I decided to find another wife for him to give him a chance to become father. Before six year he married another women and I was happy for his happiness. We all lived together. His second wife had three two boys and a girl. Finally I was happy taking care of the sons and we lived in the happy family. Suddenly happened something that I could never believed, three years ago he started to abuse me. He started to insult and beat me. He told me go wherever you want no one has need for you anymore. His second wife started to offence until one night through me out of house. I went to my brother's home. I wasn't welcomed there so they told me that I shouldn't leave the house because I worked hard there so I called the police because I wanted to go anywhere just to live without any threats or injured. They brought me at the WWC safe house.

Now I am sheltered and I am grateful for having such a place, I can feel that I can share my pain here, they support me, and will help me on my legal rights for a place at my home and in society.

Case II:

I am 25 year old Roma nationality and married 13 years ago. I have 2 boys and 2 girls. I married with my husband with love but now it seams that it was only illusion. I passed much viciousness with him, bad economical condition, divagations from place to place, and above all I manage to stay healthy.

Lately he started to beat me so hard and accuse me for cheating him and being a bad mother and I had to agree with him only to make him to stop hurting me.

You may ask why I stayed, in those cases he closed the door and watch over me for days and threatening to kill me if I called the police. Couple of times I tried to go to my family but he won't let me alone .He started begging me and saying it won't happen again and every time I went back have had same consequences. I forgot how was to sleep without fear, I lose weight and my health become worsen. Last time that he beat me with help of my daughter I call the police. They brought me here at the shelter.

Believe me for the first time for so long I enjoyed motherhood and started to look at the mirror. Life with its beauty passed me and I traced only days that I wasn't beaten. Now I feel safe, I started to think clearly, about myself. I am introduced with my legal rights and my rights as the equal citizenship. I have the maximal support here and I am looking forward for better future for me and my sons.

Case III:

I am 34 years old. I am mother of four catholic and divorced. I am sheltered at the Peja safe house. I miss them all but this was the only solution to stay alive and save my mental health. When I came here except physical injuries I was in a very bad psychical condition. I was confused and talked without any similarity.

At the beginning of our marriage my husband was very jealous; I thought this will pass but it become worse. He started to accuse me about everything even that I am crazy. He stopped me to go to church and beaten every day.

I felt relaxed whenever he wasn't home, tried to spend all time with my boys, playing and working with them.

My family lives abroad, all the time I felt alone and without any support. Safe house was the only place I started to feel supported, and to thing better. I realize how hard my life was and still don't understand why I had to stay with him all those years.

Case IV:

I am 30 years old unmarried and soon I will become mother and work at the hospital.

Now am at the safe house waiting for my baby.

The doctor told me that I have son. God! I sometimes think that all the life is an irony.

I don't understand the reason of all the mistreatment that has been through. Through the WWC I had some meetings with the father of my son but he want take any responsibility over our baby. My family doesn't support me they accuse me of having a baby and not married.

I decided to have the baby even that his father told me to abort as same as I aborted two others. I heard at the radio about this shelter in Peja.

Now I feel more relaxed and they understand me and support my decision but I still thing what will I do if it wasn't any place like this.

Case V:

I am 13 years old; Albanian I have parents and two brothers

Yesterday I was told that I am pregnant. I heard for pregnant women and dreamed that one day I will have my own sons because I love them very much. I love very much my little brother and he can't sleep without touching my hair.

But I don't know what to do now. Doctor told me that I'm in seventh month of pregnancy. So I became pregnant from the July the time when he started to rape me. I had no courage to tell my parents, because he is my father's best friend. He takes "care" for me and my brothers and he told them that he will marry me with his brother.

Than in rare cases when my parents were sober (both are alcoholics) I felt sorry to disestablish everything with my tragedy and I was afraid from him because he told me that if I told anyone he will say that I offered to him.

But I didn't want him to came and make me do such a thinks I had pain and he closed my mouth with his hand and never asked.

My both parents are depended on alcohol and when they are asleep they never heard anything.

I was afraid at nights when he came to stay with my parents.

He had such a freedom at our house so when he beat me my father never objected. This was his way to educated me.

He stopped me to go out. I just was horrified from him.

Now I feel better and secure .I just preyed to be me older and myself to take care for my baby. I do know one think I hate alcohol and will never let my sons suffer because of me.

I bless this place that offered me so much warmth that I never experienced.

Case VI:

I am 28years old married and divorced twice. I am at the WWC safe house. Before the police brought me here I never heard of this place and never realized that women have such a support.

Home that my parents never offered me. They were the one that married my twice and never asked me what I wanted and the one that never send me to school and just closed their eyes for the tragedy that I experienced.

In night that he ejected me out of the house (my second husband) I went up and down in cold beaten and undressed.

I don't know for haw long , I just now that I was nearly frozen when the police find me and brought me here and when I wake up it looked to me that I am dreaming. Here I found love and support. I stared to read and write with the support of the counsellor here, I started to gain self confidence and now I am another person.

I now know that I'm not an object but I have the personality like others.

I am a woman that all elementary rights were violated.