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Professional Women's Counseling and Psychotherapy

Same as in all communities in transition, and after the war in our society needed psycho-social programs especially in first years when social services in Kosova remain still at early stage of development therefore the contribution of the civil society has been crucial and inevitable for the community. It still represents problems on receiving the proper support by different institutions including here the central and local government, donor institutions, etc.

In order to reduce levels of discrimination against women and create an environment that provides equal opportunities for men and women several additional measures are required, including: education campaigns; mainstreaming of gender equality principles into institutional capacity building and policy formulation; additional affirmative action programs; leadership and management training for women; and offering individual and group counseling for women victims of GBV.

The pressure towards the violated women and the general mentality of the community does are suppressive factors for women to take raise the voice for their rights and be protected by the state and society.

Besides the community mentality and women economic dependence in Peja region, which helps to diminish the women power to report the GBV and other negative phenomena, another major reason is the low enforcement of legal framework. The rights of women are well presented in paper, but the implementation structures are either not in place or are functioning inefficiently.

Counseling component started in the year 2000 with a donation from FHI (Family Health International), in cooperation with IRC offered trainings for counselors and for all WWC staff. Counselors except direct counseling sessions they did awareness raising presentation at the community/ institutions for the clients need. From the beginning we insisted on creating a supporting network from different institutions including: Center for Social Work (CSW) Police, Victim Advocacy Assistance Unit (VAAU), judges, and health workers, on supporting the victims of GBV. Thanks to this initiation all these partners work on the protection of victims of family and other forms of violence as well as on providing services to fulfill their needs.

Except the individual and group counseling at the WWC we offered to the victims of domestic violence/ and women from our community different courses (computer/ internet, English and Albanian language, journalism, embroidery, sewing, and cooking courses). Different profiles specialist did presentations at the WWC and we also offer the space for different activities, which empower women, including their professional skills, self confidence, capacity building and the leadership empowerment.

Individual and group counseling at the WWC and outside with 1475 clients

Clients came alone or referred from the supporting institutions with request for on going counseling sessions at the WWC or outside The main result of counseling for the all referred victims is breaking the silence and make them speak about their experiences and problems related to families and society. The different types of violence are identified during our sessions such as: physical, emotional, economical and sexual and in most cases practiced by their husbands or other family members.