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Our objectives

In December 2002, WWC opened "Safe House" the closed type of shelter to offer the safe place, accommodation, food and clothing, psychosocial support and in cooperation with different supporting institution we offer medical assistance, awareness rising and empowerment trainings, and other recreation activities for women victims of domestic violence. The capacity of safe house is 18 beds.

From the beginning until now we sheltered 307 women survivors of gender based violence

Acceptance procedure is regulated with WWC / Safe House regulations. Initially the clients came at the WWC and signed the contract between the referred part, client and our counselor. After her accommodation at the shelter safe house staff continues with different activities with full accordance and willingness of the beneficiaries.

Accommodation at the safe house is temporary and in the mean time we work with all collaborative parties that deal with social services, client's family members and abuser to find a suitable solution in favor of women.

The positive effect of WWC safe house work can be seen from the monitoring reports and from the victim's information's they feel now safe and supported. This came also as the result of partnership and close cooperation with different institutions and other local organizations.

Sub-objective 1: sheltering and rehabilitation

To help the traumatized victim of gender based violence, domestic violence and sexual assault victim, by offering accommodation, rehabilitation, medical care, psychosocial support, ( individual , group counseling) meetings with family members, abusers, and representatives of victims supporting institutions.

There is no special law in Kosovo on violence against women (VAW). It has a Domestic Violence Regulation 2003/12 it does not treat specifically VAW but rather violence against all persons. The Las for gender Equality, Anti Discrimination Law, Domestic Violence Regulation, and Regulation against the Trafficking of Human Beings are other forms of legislations that indirectly deal with VAW.

According to provisions on Domestic Violence Regulation 2003/12 The Victims Advocacy Assistance Unit (VAAU) and Supreme Court of Kosova are obligated to take measures for punishing perpetrators of domestic violence and to offer protection but according our information's only 39 abuser were arrested from 224 total number of victims sheltered.

Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare supported WWC Safe House with 50% of running coasts.

Sub-objective 2: Preparing for re-integration in society:

To prepare women's re-integration in society through courses, presentations, educational/ awareness trainings, strengthening and their reinforcement, in cooperation with related institutions, professional's and employment offices.

In the reintegration field WWC Safe House organized different specialist presentations and workshop;

Realizing the importance of empowerment of sheltered clients according their educational level and interest we organize different courses: computer courses, cooking, sewing, embroidery, writing/ reading for illiterate clients.

Sub-objective 3 - Monitoring

To monitor women after they leave the safe house. Taking information on emotional, economical condition, employment possibilities and their relationship within the family.

Monitoring is very imported because we understand the emotional physical condition of the client that left the safe house and to continue to offer support in case that needed.